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    KBN 뉴스 독도는 우리땅 광고 화제
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    2013년 앤드류 박 장학재단 시상식

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Andrew Park Scholarship



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Andrew Park, who has helped the Korean community for a long time to make 1.5 generation and 2nd generation feel pride as Koreans and to give his profit back to society, established the ‘Andrew Park Scholarship Foundation’.

When Andrew was asked what his purpose was for establishing the scholarship foundation, this is how he answered. “I have memories of receiving support from the Korean Community. As a result of this, in return, I too, want to be the helping hand for others which is why I set up the scholarship foundation.”

The Andrew Park Scholarship Foundation has unusual selection criteria which focus on enabling youth of the Korean-American Society to fulfill their dreams. The Andrew Park Scholarship Foundation differentiates itself from other by welcoming applicants who are 2nd and 3rd generation Korean-Americans as well as international students. International students are welcomed as recipients for two reasons. First, the majority of them studying in America, upon graduation obtain an H-1 Visa which is a common approach to becoming a member of the Korean community in the United States. Secondly, it is our hope that these students who were scholarship recipients go back to Korea and give a positive impression about Korean-Americans to Native Koreans.

First founded in 2013, the Andrew Park Foundation is comprised of an advisory committee whose members avidly contribute to the Korean community in a variety of ways.

The advisory committee carefully selects its recipients to those who not only possess academic merit, but also to those who want to give back to the Korean community. This selection process fully supports the goals of the Andrew Park Scholarship Foundation, which is to encourage students who have not forgotten their roots to give back to their community.

Based on this standard, on July 29th 2013, the Andrew Park Scholarship Foundation carefully chose its first eight scholarship recipients. Each student received $3,000. ($24,000 in total)

The scholarship foundation award is to be held annually; Andrew Park, even at this very moment, is still thinking of innovative ways as to how he can help the Korean community.


Name of recipients in 2019
  • Cleopatra Lim (Columbia University)
  • DaEun Jung (Bennington College)
  • Daniel Park (UCONN)
  • Emirhan-Yenidunya (St. Joseph College)
  • Esder Chong (Rutgers University)
  • Ethan Tae-Jin Son (NYU)
  • Glory Chung (Syracuse University)
  • Hahram Kim (Amherst College)
  • Hong Ju Choi (Binghamton University)
  • Janice Im (Adelphi University)
  • Joshua Kim (Binghamton University)
  • Sung Mo Yang (Stony Brook University)


Name of recipients in 2017
  • Alina Kim (Boston College)
  • Chaerim Lee (Emory Univ.)
  • Huishen Lu (Yale Univ.)
  • Jennie Yun (Brandeis Univ.)
  • Justin Kim (Brown Univ.)
  • ​Leslie Park (Cornell Univ.)
  • Se Ryeong Jung (TCNJ)
  • YeonHwan Park (MIT)
  • Ji Hyun Kim (Kang Won National University, S-Korea)


Name of recipients in 2016
  • Cho, Daniel (Brown Univ.)
  • Kim, Senyoung (Johns Hopkins Univ.)
  • Kim, Yeain (Princeton Univ.)
  • Lee, Daehee (Princeton Univ.)
  • Lee, Grace (Cornell Univ.)
  • Lee, Phoebe (Cornell Univ.)
  • Leung, Ashley (LIU Brooklyn)
  • Yoo, Hannah (UCONN)


Name of recipients in 2015
  • Gong Ji Won (Boston University)
  • Rebecca Kim (Rutgers University)
  • Thomas Kim (New York University)
  • Park Mona (Saint Peter's University)
  • Lim Joyce (Binghamton University)
  • Lim Ji Woo (Harvard University)
  • Han Yeo Jun (University of California-Berkeley)
  • Joshua Na (The City College of NY)


Name of recipients in 2014
  • Kim moses (Harvard college)
  • Lee Seung Yon (Rutger Univ)
  • Park Young Hwi (Columbia Univ)
  • Ro Tae Soo (Fordam Univ.)
  • Shin Agnes (Cornell Univ.)
  • Song Jae Sung (Cooper Union)
  • Yoo Angela (Wesleyan Univ.)
  • Yu hyung ji (Yu Heidi) (NYU Tisch school)


Name of recipients in 2013
  • Ye One Chung
  • Paul Han
  • Grace Im
  • Ahram Kim
  • Jung Han Kim
  • Andrew Paek
  • James Yoo
  • Jocy Yoo

Mother Award

Download Mother Award Application

“Youth fades; love droops, the leaves of friendship fall; A mother’s secret hope outlives them all.”
- O. W. Holmes -

She was brought up in a comfortable city environment and met a man from a traditional Korean family in country side. They fell in love and got married. After husband left for United States to build a new life for the family, she had to look after their five children and grandfather and grandmother in law for five years. In retrospect, it must have been a very lonely and challenging time for her. However, growing up, I only remember her gentle smiles and spirited attitude. When she first came to America with her children to join her husband, she knew no one. She did not have anyone except her husband and five children, but even then, she did not lose her sense of optimism and spirited attitude. Even when she was exhausted from work or sick she conducted herself with sense of gratitude not complaint. With her love and devotion, we grew up to be respectable members of society. She had to endure difficult life as a daughter in law in a traditional Korean family. But she never let her daughter in law go through same hardship. Instead, she treated her daughter in law just like her own daughter. We have a lot to learn from her such kind attitude.
Her beautiful and youthful look disappeared on her face and only traces of passage of time are left. But to me, she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Whenever I am exhausted and down from the daily grind, I try to remind myself of her positive and optimistic attitude towards life. Then, I always feel reenergized. I get endless lesson on life from her past, her ever bright smile now, and her future endeavor.
The name, Hyeon Suk Choi, is forever engraved in my heart. She is my mother, Andrew Park’s mother.


Other than my own, I have another mother. She is the one who gave birth to my wife, the love of my life. For her entire life, she ran a small restaurant. Amidst of financial difficulties, she managed to turn her youth and sweat into a big enough success allowing her five children to get good education overseas.
I met my wife who came to America as an international student. We decided to get married and when we were about to leave Korea for America, her mother asked quietly to me holding my hands “to whom am I sending my daughter off to . . . so far away?” After twenty years, her words still ringer in my mind. In order to return thanks to her for trusting me and letting me marry her precious youngest daughter, I try my very best everyday to love my wife and build happy family.
For about twenty years, I’ve witnessed her loving heart looking after her husband, her frugal yet benevolent attitude toward her children, and her generosity towards others. She has set a great example for me and my wife.
Although she didn’t give birth to me and raise me as one of her own, she gave me a big gift, my wife. Her name is Eum-sun Jang. She is my mother-in-law.

In a small gesture to thank and honor them for their love and devotion, I have created the “Mother Award” after their name.
There is a Chinese idiom the trees want to be calm, but the wind keep blowing hard and one wants to treat one’s parents well but parents don’t wait. It is about regretting not being sons or daughters of filial piety when parents are alive. Like this idiom, it’s really difficult to be sons or daughters of filial piety while parents are still alive.
This winter, here is a chance to be a good son/daughter to your mother. Recommend your mother as a candidate for the Hyeon-suk Choi Eum-sun Jang Mother Award with a story about your mother. The selected mothers will receive the Hyeon-suk Choi ∙ Eum-sun Jang Mother Award and other prizes. (Names of the winners and stories of the selected mothers will be posted on the Andrew Park P.C. website) Remember, life is too short to return your mother’s unconditional love.